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Who is insurance broker?

Alterisk Insurance Brokers Ltd acts on behalf and in interest of our clients and provides services related with conclusion and support of insurance and reinsurance contracts:

  • consulting,
  • development of insurance programs,
  • insurance companies selection,
  • document preparation,
  • and claims handling.

The Law on Insurance in Russia (Article 8 Clause 2) gives the following definition of the insurance broker:

“Insurance brokers are residents of the Russian Federation and individuals or legal entities (commercial organizations) registered as sole proprietors in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation; which act on behalf and in interest of the insured (reinsured) or the insurer (the reinsurer) and provide services related to conclusion of insurance contracts between the insured (reinsured) and the insurer (the reinsurer), as well as executing the given contracts (hereinafter referred to as insurance brokerage services). While rendering services, insurance brokers may not act on behalf of the insured and the insurer at the same time.

Insurance brokers may carry out other insurance activities which are not prohibited by the law, except for insurance agent, the insurer and the reinsurer activities.

Insurance brokers may not carry out activities which are irrelevant to insurance”.

Insurance brokerage activity is subject licensing.


ALTERISK Insurance Broker Ltd
Licence No 4048 78 issued on 23.07.2007

tel.: + 7 (812) 647 02 17
fax: + 7 (812) 647 02 16