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Risk management

Risk management is a process of making and carrying out management decisions aimed at minimization of possible negative effects from losses which have been caused by chance events.

Our company offers you the following services in the field of risk management:

  • Identifying the aims of the organization;
  • Identifying of the tasks and requirements for the risk management system;
  • Identifying of the internal and external restrictions;
  • Indentifying the risk: detection, making a list of and description of the risk elements;
  • Quantitative assessment of risk: setting probability values and risk aftereffects;
  • Identifying risk significance tests;
  • Checking of how risks comply with the set criteria;
  • Evaluation of possible risk management steps;
  • Selection of the implementation steps;
  • Implementation of these steps;
  • Assessment of the results;
  • Correction of the risk management system.



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