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Claims handling

The main purpose of insurance - protection of insured's interests in case of adverse events. The insurance company will compensate the damages to the insured in accordance with policy conditions, but in most cases to get compensation the insured must carry out specific set of actions and provide the Insurer with the necessary documents.

At this stage there are may be a lot of errors which lead to a denial in compensation or to reduction of compensation amount.

To avoid the negative effects you can use our services and our staff will assist you in questions of:

  • Insured's actions in case of loss, including notification of relevant parties and appointment of experts;
  • collection and preparation of claim's documents necessary for claim's payment;
  • negotiation with the Insurer in case of any disputes on loss occurrence or compensation amount;
  • collection of claim's payment.

In some cases, our company can provide services to resolve insurance disputes in court.


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